Johannesstrasse 2 , D-72827 Wannweil



Self propelled mounted Platforms - MPY

Working Height

8 m – 10 m – 12 m

Not spacious thanks to its dimensions

High and fast maneuverability

Basket bearing capacity of 400 kg

Facility to increase workspace with swing sliding platform

24 V DC command voltage

Battery charging unit

Standard Features


Full-safety electrical system

Full-safety hydraulic system

24 V DC command voltage

Maintenance-free bearing system of special material

Removable control panel

Emergency stop button on control panel

Warning beep while descending

Fully closed electrical and hydraulic systems

Electro-hydraulic control from platform and ground (proportional control at moving)

Adjustable scissor speed

Transportable with forklift

Tires suitable for all kinds of grounds

Safe balance at maximum load and position

Optional Features

Sliding platform (hydraulic drive)

Sliding platform (manual)

Aluminum platform and guards

Polyamide wheels

Top lamp mounted to the platform

Projector mounted to the platform

380/220V power socket on the platform

Safe working with scissor protecting curtains

Foldable guard

Drive system with diesel and generator