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Fire Engines

Fire fighting Vehicles - KTM

Ktm Series(Fire Fighter) Standard Features

1.New design to facilitate the emptying and getting on the Aluminium/Steel basket

2.Minimum outrigger ranges providen by safety systems and stability calculations

3.Telescopic water installation to the basket with stainless CrNi pipes and high pressure flexible hoses..

4.Telescopic aluminium ladder

5.New design of basket for rescue operations

6.Closed type automatic hdraulic basket balance system

7.Basket rotation of ±45° from right to left

8.Sensitive positioning and roof skipping by Fly boom without operating the telescopic booms

9.Proportional hydraulic controls

10.Upper and lower control panels.

11.Fire participations right and left side of the Vehicle

12.360° rotation limiter to avoid any damage of hoses and cables.

13.Wide, illuminated, covered equipment boards.

14.Engine start/stop button on upper and lower control panels.

15.Warning lights and siren on the truck cab

16.Illumination projector at the basket.

17.Mini power unit to use in emergency situation for retraction.

18.Safe balance with moment control system.

19.Warning system with buzzer and light for overloading.

20.Safety system that disables operation if the outriggers are not set

21.Automatic Safe balance system, which disables operation if the unit has not set parallel to the ground surface

22.Electro-hydromechanic outrigger controls

23.Warning lights on the outriggers and under the basket to indicate the pump is running.

24.Heat shell at the basket.

25.Safety system which disables operation until the fly boom is set to work position

26.Automatic fly boom lock behind the truck.

27.Safety system which disables to move the truck until the booms are set to travelling position

Optional Features.

Electronic Moment Control SystemAutomatic Balance System

LCD screen that shows the operation of the booms (extention, angle, load)

Hydraulic operated water monitor from basket and pedestal

Water Tank.

Communication system between basket and pedestal.


Fire Engines