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About Tiger Lift

We are reliable with you for the works in all levels.

Tiger Lift is a subsidiary of Paksan in Turkey. Our parent company has been operating in the Turkish metalworking market for 40 years and is present in over 50 countries. Tiger Lift is a further development of the Turkish parent company and is active in both upstream and downstream metalworking as well as crane and elevator construction.

We offer comprehensive services related to metal as well as in its processing. In addition, we use our know-how in materials processing as well as in mechanical and vehicle engineering to offer our customers tailor-made solutions at all times.

We are convinced that German workmanship coupled with our international experience represents considerable added value for our customers.

We not only follow the latest developments in our fields of activity, but also develop innovations ourselves. Particularly in the field of mechanical and vehicle engineering, PAKSAN has massively advanced its research and development work in order to set the course today for the work of tomorrow.

In the field of metal processing, we are constantly striving to improve and expand our competencies. In doing so, we are in constant contact with renowned research institutes in Turkey. This high standard is supported by a large number of certificates that our products have received. With our successful employees who are constantly trying to improve themselves and our products, we strive every day to provide you with even better services.

About Tiger Lift