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Self propelled mounted Platform - KYT

Kyt Apex Series Standard Specifications

1. Control from the basket and ground

2. Proportional controls with electronic unit and joystick

3. Traveling at maximum height

4. 24 V DC control voltage

5. Rechargable Batteries (Tracktioner batteries)

6. Electronic charging unit (Battery level indicator with signal)

7. Self cooler DC engine

8. 48 V “Direct-Drive” travelling unit.

9. Proportional controls

10. High pressure hoses and tubes

11. High pressure hoses and tubes

12. Hand pump for emergency operation

13. Filling tyres

14. Polyester covers that protects the hydraulic and electric system against corrosion

15. Signal lamp and projector at the basket

16. 400/230 V AC socket at the basket

17. Warning horn

KYT Safety Systems

1Safe balance at max height and weight with automatic basket balance system.

Preference system allows only basket controls

Emergency stop system

Protector tube and hose conveyors

Warning/Limiting system for over turning of the turntable