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Self propelled mounted Platforms - KTY

Kty Series Standard Features

1. Booms made of high quality S 690 grade steel.

2. Wide steel basket.

3. Illumination projector on basket.

4. Safe electric system.

5. Safe hydraulic system.

6. 24 DC operating voltage.

7. Fiberglass covers to protect the hydraulic and electric system..

8. 24 V batteries operation system.

KTY Series Safety System

1. Emergency stop button on control panels

2. Safe closed loop hydraulic basket levelling system at maximum load and outreach

3. Warning lights at the basket

4. Safe brake system

KTY Series Optional Features

1. 2500 V insulated polyester basket

2. Inclination limiter depending on ground surface for maximum safety

3. Extention limiter for critical positions depending on load and boom extension

4. 230/400 V AC sockets on the basket