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Cranes - KTK

Standard Features KTK Series

1. Telescopic booms, turntable and chassis made of high quality steel.

2. 360 °(± 180°) degree continuous rotation with slewing ring of turntable.

3. Hold valves on boom cylinders against free falling.

4. Hydraulic operated horizontal-vertical outriggers.

5. The safety system that limits the machine at over loading

6. Operating system for hydraulic pump in truck cab.

7. Controls at both sides of the truck.

8. Articulation food shoe for any type of land.

9. LCD display that shows the weight of the load and horizontal and vertical outreaches of the top of the boom.

10. The electronic safety system of limit the boom extension according to the weight of the load

11. The rape drum with hydraulic driver with long life and with wide capacity.

12. Operator cabin’s four side and roof shall be window for comfortable of the operator.

13. Exactly proportional hydraulic system.