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Self propelled mounted Platforms KT-D


1.Booms made of high-strength imported plate

2.Wide steel basket

3.Lighting projector in the basket

4.Proportional force system from the tower and basket

5.Safe electrical system

6.Safe hydraulic system

7.24 V DC command voltage

8.Fiberglass covers protecting hydraulic and electrical systems

9.24 V battery-powered operating system

10.Emergency stop button on control panels

11.Hydraulic close-line type automatic basket leveling system

12.Safe braking system

13.On board battery charging unit

14.Blinking warning lights under the basket

15.Hand pump for emergencies

16.Two-year warranty


1.2500 V polyester insulated basket

2.Aluminum wide basket

3.230/400 V AC power socket on the basket

4.More safety thanks to the control system limiting inclination according to machine base

5.Drive system with diesel and generator

6.Hour counter