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Recovery Platforms - KP

Standard Features

1. A stage of a unit type, according to the dimensions of the vehicle

2. Aluminum On Platform clothing over the area of wheels and the sub tracks railing.

3. Sleigh bed type drum

4. Hydraulic drum and hydraulic motor with Model 5000 KG CAPACITY

5. 12 mm - 40 m steel wire and end with a closing hook tongue Import Lead

6. Two-piece Front opposite catch

7. Twice a hard jump ring for Back

8. Four pieces in 4 m long bearing bolts

9. Tool box

10. Imported PVC bumpers

11. Roof light

12. Imported shutoff for service

13. Side Attachable replacement cover

14. Imported next phosphorous and rear badges

15. Two lift and cylinder a toboggan

    MODEL: KP - 3000

    Weight (kg): 2000

    Carrying capacity (ton): 3

    Steering system: hydraulic mechanical

    Ölltankkapazität (Lt): 60

    Number of legs: 4