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Truck mounted Platforms - KET

Standard Features KET Series

1. The booms made of high strength import steel.

2. Upper and lower proportional control panels

3. Hold valves against any damage in hydraulic lines.

4. Illumination projector on basket.

5. Emergency stop button on control panels.

6. Safety electric system.

7. Warning lights on the pedestal.

8. Decorated body.

9. 2500 V. insulated wide polyester basket.

10. Hand pump for emergency situation.

11. Suction and return filter for the best filtration on the hydraulic system.

12. Operating system for hydraulic pump in truck cab.

13. Independent command system for each outriggers.

14. Articulation food shoe for any type of land.

15. Safety at maximum load and lateral outreach.

16. Engine start/stop button on upper and lower control panels.

17. Warning lights on the outriggers and under the basket to indicate pump is running.

18. The safety system that doesnt allows boom operation unless the outriggers are properly set.

KET Optional Features

1. Mini power unit to use in emergency situation.

2. Steel or aluminium wide basket.

3. Separate power unit which has got 380 V. energy apart from hydraulic pump.

4. 230/400 V AC sockets on the basket.